La Oca



It all started in 1969…

Capo tradition of the family in this restaurant goes back to 1969, when José Luis Capo GOGO opened CHICKENS, an establishment dedicated to chickens to ast. Over time, and a lot of work well done, the restaurant was consolidated to establish itself as a benchmark restaurant in the region for chickens to ast.

It was already in 1991 when his brother, Alberto Capo and his wife Inma, They were over the restaurant, making what is now the Restaurant LA OCA. With the base of chickens, Always house logo, It expanded by adding the letter pizza and pasta, good grilled and the best of Catalan cuisine. What it had hitherto been a benchmark of chickens to ast became the benchmark for the restoration of Sitges familiar scent, the perfect place to eat well, good, fast and at a good price.

And now, since 2013, Capo is Zuleima, daughter of Alberto and the third generation of the family, which he runs the establishment with her husband Arnau, with a deep sense of continuity of work well done and excellence in service and customer care.

For the current address of the restaurant it is proud to be part of this family and tradition, and we continue to work, day to day, to the best of this experience reaches our customers, muchos de ellos convertidos ya en amigos durante este viaje, y seguir haciendo de LA OCA el restaurante de referencia para todo aquel que visite Sitges